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Once your compelling designs have been captured in full visual assembly with Autodesk Inventor Publisher, it's time to contribute your work to the gallery. Just a few simple steps and you will be on your way to sharing your product documentation in dynamic 3D form. Don't forget to export files to Inventor Publisher Mobile Viewer for an interactive 3D experience.

Contributing Instructions

Step 1: Output Files

During the submission process you will need to submit a ZIP compressed file of your instruction assets. Reference our asset preparation PDF for a complete lists of assets you must include. Once you've reviewed the files needed, output your design files from Autodesk® Publisher and create a compressed ZIP file.

Step 2: Contribute

Submit information about your instruction through the form below. Please complete all form fields, including contact information and detailed instruction information. The instruction information you submit will accompany your instruction on the site once it is published.

Step 3: Autodesk Review

Once your instruction files are submitted, Autodesk will review your submission. If there are questions about your instruction content you will be notified via email at the address provided.


Submitter Information

Please fill in your contact information. *Required information.

Instruction Information

Please fill in the instruction details and provide a packaged ZIP file containing the assets for your instruction. For ZIP file requirements please reference our asset preparation PDF.

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You are allowed up to 4 Model Storyboard Videos for your instruction. The first video you upload (Model Video 1) will be the visual representation of your instruction.

Locate your ZIP file by browsing or typing the file name into the field below. (200 MB max)


*ZIP file containing exported files from Autodesk Publisher

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