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This site is a growing collection for interactive instructions of a wide range of products and procedures. From household appliances to tools and machinery, see step-by-step assembly instructions come to life through in-depth visuals. Explore the site, share your favorites from the gallery and contribute your own instructions. Become part of the community and revisit the site to see new instructions uploaded regularly.

These visual instructions are created with CAD data in Autodesk® Inventor Publisher software and can output to a variety of formats. Publish to a revolutionary new mobile format or directly to video, Adobe® Flash® technology, 3D PDF, Word and Microsoft PowerPoint® software.

Extend the experience and create or view interactive instructions by publishing to or downloading from Inventor Publisher Mobile Viewer. This App offers enhanced, interactive 3D views right from iDevices and smart phones.

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Enhance production experience by creating clear, accurate, and compelling instructions in complete visual detail. Autodesk® Inventor® Publisher software is simple enough for non-CAD users to work with 3D design models to create highly visual construction, operation, and repair instructions for better product understanding and less stressful assembly. Let your customers and fans see your products in full form.

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Download interactive instructions straight to your iDevice and smart phone with Autodesk® Inventor® Publisher Mobile Viewer App. The extensive App lets you zoom, pan, and rotate as well as play and scrub through instruction steps. You'll have instructions handy wherever and whenever you need them.

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